Filtering Foliage

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Filtering Foliage

Health and wellbeing are two increasingly important topics we face in our current climate (especially after the recent two years we've all had). Whether we are talking about physical fitness, healthy diets and mental states or even the environment, going green has never felt more important. From eco-friendly design to energy use, we are constantly looking at new ways to improve our footprint, and contribute accordingly.

Why not start with your houseplants! We all know that green = good, but did you know that some houseplants actually help to clean and filter the air around us, removing toxic chemicals and reducing those pesky CO2 levels?

The Big NASA Clean Air Study

In 1989 NASA undertook a comprehensive study researching ways in which to clean the air in space. One of those methods was to study a range of common houseplants and monitor their effect on the environment, specifically, the air around them.

As well as reducing carbon dioxide and increasing oxygen, NASA found that some houseplants removed a range of harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde benzine and ammonia from the air.

NASA Toy Spaceship


NASA's Top 5 Air Purifiers

1. Peace Lily

Peace Lily Houseplant in Black Charlie Plant Pot

Foliage with white flowers. These houseplants range in small and large varieties, all of which are easy-care and tolerant of a range of light levels.

2. Parlour Palm

Parlour Palm Houseplant in Saray Plant Pot

Small, compact, undemanding palms that tolerate all light levels, drought and low humidity.

3. Lady Palm

Lady Palm Houseplant with Evi Plant Pot

Low-light lovers, these palms are hardy and can tolerate lower temperatures, ideal for colder, darker rooms.

4. Dracaena Warneckii

Dracaena Warneckii Houseplant with Esra Plant Pot

Structural, drought tolerant, tall houseplants that like bright light and warm temperatures.

5. Sansevieria

Sansevieria Golden Flame Houseplant with Esra Plant Pot

These upright architectural houseplants are drought tolerant and nearly indestructible, suitable for direct light or lightly shaded conditions.