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November 30, 2022 5 min read

Gifting Houseplants - 
the Whys, the Dos, the Donts, the Whats
(and even a little bit about the the Whens)

Houseplants make wonderful gifts but the process of buying the perfect plant presents can be daunting when faced with so many options.

Gifting houseplants doesn't have to be hard though.
If you remember a few key bits of advice, you can become a plant present pro.

Why Gift Houseplants?

A Long-Lasting Gift
With the right care and attention, houseplants can survive and thrive for years – how many other gifts are cared for and appreciated for that long?
With a houseplant, your gift has longevity and whoever receives it will be able to appreciate your kindness long into the future.
On Trend
Plants are incredibly fashionable. There is always a style that’s trending and every species either has its own in-your-face sense of style or an effortless coolness about it.
At the same time it’s never a fleeting fashion.
If I get gifted a gorgeous new plant this Christmas, it won’t be picking up dust at the back of a cupboard with the air frier I only used a couple of times when February comes around.
Eco Conscious Gifting
Houseplants are great gifts for anyone eco-conscious (and who isn’t trying to do their bit!?).
Gifts certainly don’t come much more natural and, when you buy from Hortology, the packaging is all reusable and/or recyclable.
Happy And Healthy
A plant can provide so many extra benefits to the recipient aside from looking absolutely fantastic.
Plants can reduce stress, clean air and lift-spirits.
What a great reason to gift – to help make someone happier and healthier.

The Dos & Don’ts of Gifting Houseplants


Plant Care

Do think about plant proficiency

From the green-fingered to the first time plant parent (and even the accidental plant killers) there’s a houseplant that will suit all care levels but, be mindful that you’re not burdening a high maintenance houseplant on someone that’s not cut out for it.

If in doubt…


Desk Plants

Do think about where the plant might go

Have a think about where your giftee might put their plant when you give it to them – it’ll help you think about the size and the care needs of the plant.
Once you’ve made your mind up you can narrow down your search.

Got a tough to buy for colleague?
They can always accessorise their desk...


Pet Safe Plants

 Do think about children and animals

If there are any little ones that walk or crawl on four legs then be mindful that some houseplants aren't suitable for gifting to a home where they might get nibbled (the plant will be fine but minimum there might be some upset stomachs!). Opt for "pet safe houseplants" which are all non-toxic and safe for any curious tasters.


Do choose appropriate styles

You know how dog owners always look a bit like their dogs? (Bear with me here…) The same should be true of houseplants and their homes (see – not as much of a leap as you were first thinking!).

Plants have their own unique styles that should reflect the personality of their owner and the décor they’re in.

Choose styles that suit the style of your recipient…



Don't leave it in the box

The easiest thing to do when gifting a houseplant is to send it from Hortology directly to the recipient with a gift message inside.

If you want to hand it to them in person though, please don’t leave it in the box for long! Santa will look rather foolish if come Christmas morning the box contains the withered remains of a light and water deprived plant.

Take it out of the box when you receive your plant and be sure to give it some light and water as required.

Don't just opt for a plant subscription

We’re not trying to be negative about plant subscriptions here – if you know what you’re after and do your research then they can work for some people.

What we’ve often seen though is that plants can be a burden if they’re not right for the conditions.

When you receive a subscription you receive multiple plants that you might not have space for, suitable light conditions, or really like enough to keep around. 

It’s far better to choose a carefully considered plant and pot that you’re confident they’ll love than roll the heavily weighted dice of a plant subscription.

Don't forget the pot

A plant without a pot is only half a gift.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful the plant is, it’ll be overshadowed by the naffness of its grow pot if it’s not put into something more decorative.

We have a huge range of decorative plant pots here at Hortology with a look to suit any plant and recipient’s interior style.

Really not sure what to gift a plant lover? More pots is always a good shout.

What Should I Gift A Plant Lover?

If you're really not sure where to start, head over to our Gift Ideas category for a wide range of ideas any plant lover would be thrilled to receive.


In the right contexts literally any houseplant can be the perfect gift, so rather than a random list of plants that are hot this week, here we'll give you some ideas you might not have thought of that make great gifts for any plant lover...

HydroCare Plants

 HydroCare Plants

Our HydroCare plants have a lot of benefits over soil grown plants and are that bit more unique and "special" than their soil based counterparts.

Gifting a HydroCare plant and kit is a great option for a plant parent looking to go to the next-level with their collection.


Plant Pots

Plant Pots

If you can't choose a plant - choose a pot.

You can enhance the look of the plant gang with a carefully selected plant pot to suit any style and space.

If the person you're gifting to already has a good collection of plants, chances are they're repotting on a fairly regularly basis as plants get larger, so will often be in need of more pots to put them in.


Watering Cans

Watering Cans

Measuring jugs, gravy boats, empty bottles, mugs... We've seen people use a lot of weird and wonderful things to water their plants.

A nice watering can is a thoughtful and considered gift - and it means the crockery and utensils can go back in the kitchen where they belong!


Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

Give them the gift of choice with gift vouchers from Hortology.

Dispatched instantly via email, they're extra helpful when you've forgotten to get something until the last second


When to send houseplants

Hopefully by now you’ve seen that there really is a houseplant for any person and location, with only one query left… when should I send houseplants as gifts?

Well, in terms of occassions, plants are perfect gifts for housewarmings, Christmas, birthdays, anniveraries... Tuesdays. Whenever! As for actual timings...

If you’re sending it directly to the recipient of the gift (and why wouldn’t you with the opportunity to add a gift message for free and simple easy shipping options) then order any in stock items about three working days before the big day.
The only real exception to this is Christmas, when delivery restrictions apply and it’s probably best to have the plant sent to yourself first or order earlier to avoid disappointment.

If you’re sending plants to yourself to then gift onwards, order with plenty of time to receive it and get it ready for the big day. Give yourself a couple of weeks and, when you receive the plant, open the box and let it breathe, water it and care for it as instructed. When you come to gift the plant (if you can now bare to part with it), place it back in its original packaging safe in the knowledge it’s still a top quality plant the new owner an be proud of.