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Yes you can, as long as it hasn’t already been dispatched. Just get in touch as soon as possible and we’ll do our best to sort this out for you.

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Some items have a 1-2 week lead time or are items we order in specifically for you from our growers and suppliers.

We show the anticipated delivery timescales just above the 'add to basket' button on our product pages.

Your order will be dispatched as soon as all of your items are in stock. We will then send you a shipping notification email with tracking info.

For pallet deliveries we will contact you to organise delivery.

Generally, yes as long as it hasn’t already been dispatched (consumer orders only). To cancel your order/items, please contact us with your order details.

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We do have a few exceptions;

If you order a larger specimen plant or a plant display our plant experts get busy right away behind the scenes sourcing and assembling your greenery especially for you. We are therefore unable to offer a cancellation option if you change your mind after you have placed your order. These items are shown as "Special Order:" or "Made to Order:" so please make sure you are happy to go ahead before you click that Add To Basket button.

Business orders over £200 are non-cancellable or returnable for change of mind.


If your order is fully in stock we usually aim to dispatch within 2 working days.

If you have chosen a courier delivery we use a next day service (subject to remote area postcodes), to get your plants and pots to you as quickly as possible. If have chosen a Royal Mail service they require up to 10 working days for delivery, although it is typically quicker.

If all of your items are not fully in stock but you would like your order to be part-shipped then please contact us to arrange dispatch and pay an additional shipping charge.

Delivery Information

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If your order has been dispatched, your shipping confirmation email will include any available tracking information. Live tracking is usually available from the morning after the courier has collected the parcel from us.

For a direct and prompt response to tracking your delivery we advise contacting our delivery partners directly.  

As well as information contained within the shipping tracking email, contact details and tracking portals are provided on our deliveries page.

Contact Our Delivery Partners

Delivery charges depend on the destination, the order value and whether you have ordered plants.

You can see our delivery charges by destination here:

Delivery Charges

For larger bulkier orders over £200 and pallet orders over £500 additional delivery charges are calculated at checkout to reflect the extra costs involved.

If your order has not already been dispatched that’s no problem at all, just drop us an email.

If your order has been dispatched this may be a little trickier and may incur a re-delivery fee, but we will certainly try and sort this out for you.

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Our couriers offer various options such as delivery to a drop off point or neighbour, leave in a 'safe place' or you can request an alternative delivery day. These can be arranged directly with the courier using the tracking details provided on your dispatch email.

Please be aware that as plants are perishable, we aim to use the fastest available service for your area. If you ask the courier to delay delivery we are unable to reimburse you for deterioration in plant health.

If you request your items to be left unattended, this is at your own risk and we are unable to reimburse you for any lost or weather damaged items.

You can include directions to find your property in the shopping basket, however please do not include requests to leave in a safe place when placing your order.

Leave safe instructions can only be requested in response to delivery notifications and options you receive directly from our couriers when your order has been dispatched. We are unable to arrange leave safe instructions on your behalf.

Our delivery partners will aim to deliver in accordance with notified timelines but we are unable to guarantee these.

Directions you give to find your property are printed on the address label (excludes Royal Mail and pallet deliveries).

Please note: instructions to telephone ahead cannot be actioned by courier drivers.

A signature will be required to confirm receipt of courier deliveries unless you authorise the parcels to be left in a safe place. If you request your items to be left unattended, this is at your own risk and we are unable to reimburse you for any lost or weather damaged items. 

Selecting item options on a product page displays a message to show if an item is in stock or, if not, an estimate of when the order would be available for dispatch.

If you have ordered some items that are not in stock then we would normally dispatch your order once all items are available.

Please let us know if you would like to split your order and have the items in stock dispatched immediately for a small additional charge.

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If your order is urgent or you want us to ship on a particular day then please drop us a note with your order reference and we will do our best to arrange that for you.

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It is also possible to choose a Saturday delivery option at checkout.

Delivery times on the day are unfortunately out of our control as these are determined by the courier and their daily route.

Once your order is dispatched you can ask the courier for an alternative delivery day. These requests can be arranged directly with the courier using the tracking details provided on your dispatch email/SMS.

Please be aware that as plants are perishable, if you ask the courier to delay delivery we are unable to reimburse you for deterioration in plant health.

We do ask for your understanding in these situations. Plants are living organisms that perish unless treated appropriately. If weather conditions are not suitable for transport by our growers or ourselves, we may need to delay dispatch so that you receive your plants in the best condition possible.  

Please note: in order to protect plant health, we also reserve the right to avoid plants being in transit over the weekend if weather conditions are unsuitable.


Our returns address and returns and refunds policy can be found below as well as guidance on how to pack items carefully for safe return.

Hortology Returns

Please note: We do require you to contact us beforehand to agree any plant returns and these will only be accepted in their original specialist packaging.

We are so sorry to hear this, due to the fragile nature of our products this can happen from time to time. Please send us some clear pictures of the damaged item, as well as the packaging, so we can rectify this as soon as possible for you.

For plant deliveries, please let us know of any concerns or issues within 7 days of receipt so we can understand the condition of the plant on arrival. Please don’t wait to see if the plant “settles”, we would rather know of any concerns straight away. Please do not discard the specialist packaging, prune the plant or re-pot it until we have agreed a resolution with you. We are unable to offer returns for refund without the original packaging or if the plant has been re-potted.

We take every care to pack plants to avoid damage on their way to you, however occasionally the odd leaf may be damaged or lost in transit but in the majority of cases this should not be a cause for concern for a healthy plant. Some plants are more likely to sustain minor damage in transit than others. Similarly some plants are prone to leaf drop after a change in environment. Where either is likely, we note this on the plant description page.

Please see further information here:

Returning Plants

We are always here to help if your plants develop issues once they have settled into their new home.

We provide a care guide on each plant page that gives you specific hints, tips and care requirements for your plant.

In addition we have our Guides To Greenery blog where you will find general information on looking after your plants and helping them to thrive.

Most common problems are related to watering and light levels. We always recommend using a moisture meter to check water levels, to avoid “drowning” your plant’s roots and making sure they have sufficient light for healthy photosynthesis, without being scorched next to a sun-baked window.

If you have particular concerns our customer support is also here to help with specific information, however please be aware that we cannot provide refunds and replacement plants once the initial acceptance period has expired.

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To exchange a product you’ve bought from us, simply return it for a refund, then place a new order online for the item you want.

If you are returning your whole order, we will refund your original shipping costs upon safe receipt of your goods. Please note however this does not apply to the return of plants.

We do not offer a free returns service. We try to include as much information on the website as possible to help our customers select a suitable pot or plant and to reduce the need for returns.

Unfortunately the cost of shipping fragile items and live plants means it is not viable for us to offer a free returns service whilst also maintaining our prices and continuing to subsidise our delivery charges.

If an incorrect address has been entered, or if delivery has been attempted twice without success, the courier will return your order to us.

Upon receipt we will check the item(s) and we may be able to organise a re-delivery, for a fee.

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Our gift vouchers are available to purchase online here:

Hortology Gift Cards

These will be sent to you, the purchaser, automatically via email.

Each voucher will have a unique code and can be forwarded (either via email or printed and posted if required) to the intended recipient with a message of your choice.

We are unable to include a gift message on the email, however you can add this when forwarding the email to the recipient.

Simply choose what you’d like to purchase, add to basket, then at the checkout stage, enter the gift card code into the box that says "Gift Card or Discount code", then hit "Apply".

This will then deduct the gift card amount and show you how much (if anything) is left to pay. You can apply multiple gift cards to one order. Any remaining balance will be left on the gift card for future use.

Of course, please add your message in the ‘Add a gift message’ box at checkout and we will include your complimentary printed message when we pack your order.

Don’t worry, we never include paper receipts with prices in our orders for environmental reasons.

All the necessary information is included in your order confirmation email.

Your order will include your gift message along with details as to what is in the box and where to find any relevant care information for plants.


Selecting item options on a product page displays a message to show if the option is in stock or not.

If the item option shows as 'In Stock' it means we have at least one available.

If the item option shows as 'Delivery: 1-2 weeks' it means it is available for you to order and we will be receiving it from our growers or pot manufacturers shortly.

If the item option shows as 'Special Order' it means you can order this item and we will source it specifically for you, so there may be a short delay.

If the item option is 'Sold Out' you can add your email address to be alerted when we receive more stock.

Plant sizes are shown as the grow pot diameter x the total height of the plant.

This means the diameter of the grow pot at the top of the rim x the total height of the plant including the grow pot. It therefore includes the plant roots as well as the height or length of the plant.

Please note: plant heights are approximate and are provided for indicative purposes only. Check out our guide here:

Plant & Pot Size Guide

Firstly you need to determine the plant's grow-pot diameter. Compare this to the size of the opening of your chosen decorative pot and ensure it is big enough to insert the plant's grow pot through the opening.

On plant pages we display a link to a selection of pots that have a suitable opening for the plant size option you have selected.

On pot pages we show the size of the decorative pot openings for each pot as you select the different size options.

Tip: Pick a decorative pot that has an opening about 1cm larger than the size of the plant's grow pot. For smaller plants (up to 14cm grow pots) you should go slightly smaller and for larger plants (above 24cm) you can add 2-3cm without the pot looking too large for the plant. 

For more information and handy diagrams have a look at our size guide here:

Plant & Pot Size Guide

We have a handy 'Add A Pot Liner' button located below the 'Add To Basket' button. This will add the correct waterproof liner to your basket for the pot size option you have selected.

The size of the liners can look a little small/big for the pots at first glance. However we measure and match liners to our pots to ensure the best fit in the pot and that the plant can sit upright. Liners are designed to be trimmed down with scissors for a neat finish if they are slightly wider or taller than the pot they are being inserted into.

You can find a care guide on each plants’ page on our website with everything you need to know about light, water, temperature, humidity and feed preferences, as well as some hints on getting the best out of each plant.

For environmental reasons, we’ve made the conscious choice to reduce the amount of paper you receive so, rather than send a printed care guide, you can find individual and up to date information on each plants' page. 

Additional information can be found in our "Guides to Greenery".

Have a query you can’t find the answer to? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to do our best to help.

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Each plant’s product page contains information on how much light you should give your plant in the “Care & Info Guide” section. 

When deciding on a plant’s placement, consider how much light the room will get through the day. Generally, a South facing window will benefit from the most natural light whereas facing North provides shade while East or West gives you some middle ground with either intense morning or evening light respectively.  

Explore our shade tolerant plants for plants that can cope with less light. 

Please note: most houseplants will do best if they have filtered light, rather than direct sunlight. Direct sunlight through windows will scorch many houseplants.

Overwatering is the most common cause of houseplant deaths. As a result it’s usually best policy to err on the side of caution.  

The “Care & Info Guide” section of the plant’s product page provides information on the recommended regularity of watering. 

Although not the same as watering, consider the humidity of the conditions the plant is experiencing too – improved humidity will help reduce the regularity at which you need to water. 

We also recommend using a moisture meter to better understand the conditions below the soil before watering. 

Read our guide to diagnosing Under / Overwatering for more advice. Thirsty? Or Too Much Love?