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Inspirational houseplants, indoor plant pots and planters for lush living.


Wellbeing Style

Our mission is to help everyone to enhance their living spaces with the power of plants.
We believe in the power of plants to lift the spirit, calm the mind and clean the air.
Hortology brings you the wellbeing benefits of greenery in style.


Our Roots

Established in 2016, we embarked as one of Great Britain’s first dedicated plant lifestyle brands with a pioneering vision to help #MakeLifeGreener. In the years since, we’ve grown organically, choosing to ditch the flashy ad campaigns and instead focus on providing quality products, great customer service and dependable delivery options for every one of our 200,000+ customers to become the go-to name for quality houseplants and plant pots in the UK.

Hortology delivers houseplants, indoor plant pots & planters to you. So much more than that though, we offer assured quality, inspirational styles, easy to access information, great customer service, carefully researched and curated premium product ranges and the best packaging and delivery options we can, all in an effort to make shopping for a new plant look as pleasurable an experience as possible.

We are also specialists in:

BIG - We stock and ship large plants and big pots that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Need something sizeable? No problem. With our pallet delivery service we can deliver items the posty simply wouldn’t be able to.

Empowering Businesses - We don’t believe you need to pay a plant designer or installer mega-bucks to juj your plants for you. With a little know-how and easy access to everything you need, you can create stunning plant filled interior and exterior spaces in a business environment just as easily as you can at home. 

HydroCare - Of course soil will always have its place, but we’re strong believers that Our HydroCare houseplants offer a wide range of advantages to soil based plants that could benefit a huge number of plant parents. Already hugely popular across Europe and in corporate environments, we want to offer the benefits of HydroCare to everyone in the UK.

Our Green Shoots

Our mission at Hortology is to #MakeLifeGreener. That’s not just about bringing plants to homes and businesses across the UK, but helping protect the planet and minimise our effect on the environment.

Some of the steps we’ve already taken to go greener include:

  • Reducing energy consumption across our business.
  • Partnering with suppliers and delivery partners that are committed to sustainability.
  • Reducing the amount of paper and packaging we use.
  • Increasing the amount of recyclable and reusable packaging and stationery that’s delivered to your door.

One of our biggest commitments to minimising our effect on the environment is our dedication to getting your order delivered to you, in the condition you expect, in just one shipment. By shipping everything from a single warehouse in the UK we minimise the travel miles your products take and, by developing a range of highly specialised packaging techniques and choosing only our most trusted delivery partners, we avoid the need for multiple shipments and reduce the resources required at the most carbon-heavy part of the shopping process - delivering it your door.


Hortology - The craft, art and science of plants.


The Craft

Our constantly changing and carefully curated selection of quality assured houseplants, plant pots and accessories are chosen with both form and function in mind. Our aim is to empower you not just to buy what looks good but what truly suits your needs, requirements and experience level.

We work with some of the finest artisan pot producers and highest quality, most technically advanced growers across Latin America, Europe and SouthEast Asia to offer unique, rare and unusual products that showcase the beauty of man (and plant) -made items.

Every order you place is carefully picked, inspected, prepared and finally shipped by hand in our UK warehouse by our knowledgeable and enthusiastic Hortologists.

No robots. No machines (other than Bessie, our much loved forklift truck). Just careful humans who truly care about the condition of your order.

We’re here for you. Whether you’re a passionate hortologist, interior designer, first time plant parent or even just buying a gift for someone else; we aim to have everything you need to create professional quality plant looks all in one place.

The Art

Plants are living, breathing works of art. From unique shapes, exquisite colours and striking patterns, we aim to make it as easy as possible to find beautiful houseplant designs that work well in your chosen interior.

When creating a successful plant look, the plant is only about half of the finished composition. That’s why we offer a huge range of quality assured plant pots and planters for interior and exterior styling in every setting. From micro to massive, classic to contemporary, simple to snazzy - you can find a plant pot to suit any plant or design requirement here at Hortology.

As well as giving you beautiful plants and beautiful pots, we’re always thinking about the ways they can be paired for maximum effect. Of course you can always create your own looks, but on most product pages you’ll also find “Style it with” pairing recommendations for plants and pots to help inspire your creativity.

We champion artistry across all of our product lines. Whether you’re exploring our unique, handcrafted, artisanal, small batch-made plant pots or our carefully grown, quality assured houseplants, we carefully select every item for its unique aesthetics from suppliers who truly care about their craft.

The Science

To be a successful Hortologist, you need to have a good scientific understanding of the plants that you’re caring for. Our in-house experts research every plant and family before condensing everything you need to know into a range of easy to digest “Horty hints”, care information and guides.

We believe in the power of plants to lift the spirit, calm the mind and clean the air. It’s not all hippy-dippy, tingly-feeling marketing-speak either. It’s a belief backed by science. Plants are incredible biological engines that demonstrably improve air quality and have been linked in countless studies to help humans in reducing stress levels, sharpening attention spans, boosting productivity, promoting healing and improving overall feelings of wellbeing.

We’re big on size. We measure everything, multiple times. The science of our product setup, packaging and internal procedures are far too long and boring to discuss right now but, the result is plants that are the size you expect and in pots and liners that fit just as you’d hope.

We’re always at the cutting edge of plant science and are firmly on the path to a better, greener world - we’d like you to come with us. You can find out some of the green-tech and eco-friendly initiatives we’ve already implemented here at Hortology in the “Our Green Shoots” section below. We’re also very proud to be the UK’s leading supplier of HydroCare plants, a technology which has a wide range of benefits over traditional soil-grown plants that we believe is the future of indoor plants, available today.



Put simply, plants are cool. The positive emotional and therapeutic impact they have on our wellbeing is one of nature's little miracles. We instinctively know that "Green Feels Good." Hortology is here to help you enjoy the benefits of greenery in style.