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The Cordyline is quite a versatile, decorative plant for the home or office and is guaranteed to bring an exotic, tropical feel to any room. They have strong, vertical shapes and work well with other exotic plants, but are equally compelling as a centrepiece in an interesting vase or pot.

When young, they make a beautiful small table plant. As they mature and grow in stature, they can be moved to the floor where they will make an equally impressive statement.

There are a number of species and varieties, leaf shapes and colours. Cordyline fruticosa (also known as Cordyline terminalis or Dracaena terminalis) are showy plants of many colours, whereas Cordyline australis looks somewhat similar to the Yucca with long narrow leaves typical of desert plants. Their common names are Cabbage Palm (Cordyline australis) and Ti Plant or Hawaiian Good Luck Plant (Cordyline terminalis).