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Also known as Chinese Evergreens, Aglaonema are popular ornamental and decorative plants highly desirable for their gorgeous foliage. There are many varieties to choose from ranging from: plain, dark green leafed plants through to speckled, spotted or striped variegated options. Although they can flower, it is their attractive, leathery leaves that are the main attraction.

Aglaonema are native to tropical and sub-tropical regions of Asia and New Guinea and will therefore thrive best in similar warm, humid and bright conditions within the home or office.

Chinese Evergreens are on NASA’s list of air-purifying plants removing Benzene and Formaldehyde toxins, so they are ideal for areas with high pollution or low air-circulation. Aglaonema are part of the same family as Spathiphyllum and Dieffenbachia. A collection of these plants together, with all their various colours, variegations and leaf shapes makes a stunning display.