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Calathea are wonderful, highly decorative foliage plants with air-purifying qualities too. There are many species available all of which need a little care and attention for them to appear at their best. Calathea is closely related to the Maranta (Prayer Plant) and both are known and loved for their impressive, ornamental foliage, which opens with the morning light and closes again at night time.

Calathea originate from the tropical Americas. Think warm and humid, with bright diffused sunlight filtering through the canopy and you have a good idea of the sort of environment in which Calathea will thrive best. Replicate this as far as you can in your home and you will be rewarded with a magnificent plant.

The superb markings on the leaves are the main focal point. Simply house in a plain ceramic pot and let the plant do the rest to create an eye-catching display!