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Dracaena are a wonderfully diverse mix of variegated, upright, leafy houseplants. Colours range from greens, yellows and whites, with some varieties having red margins (such as the very popular Dracaena Marginata). Leaves are everything from long and narrow, through to large and broad. Foliage grows as a rosette around a central stem.

Dracaena are proven as one of the top air purifying plants following the research done by NASA and Dr Bill Wolverton.

They are very easy to look after, storing water in their trunks, making them drought resilient in case you forget to water them occasionally. They can also be easily cut back if they get too tall, some varieties can reach heights of 2-4m if left untrimmed. Older specimens develop quite thick, woody stems, almost like miniature tree trunks as they age. Their lower leaves die and drop off as the plant matures, which helps to encourage new growth.

Dragon Trees are undemanding in terms of temperature, light (on the whole) and humidity. With so much to recommend then, you simply cannot go wrong with a Dracaena. They are great statement pieces but also look wonderful grown together as a collection to display their many colours, tones, shapes and sizes.