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March 02, 2023 2 min read

To Repot Or Not?

Repotting doesn’t need to be a hindrance. Whether you are potting up because the plant has outgrown its current pot, replacing the soil as it no longer has any nutrients, or simply changing decor as the pot no longer compliments that rug and those cushions, following these simple steps will ensure success. Use our method to repot into a liner (which will sit in your decorative pot) or into a bigger grow pot, keeping your houseplants happy.

Ready for a re-pot? Here are the tell-tale signs:

  • Slow stunted growth
  • Roots pushing the plant out of the pot
  • Roots growing through the pot drainage hole
  • The plant is too top heavy
  • If your plant is root bound, the pot will be a tight fit, with the thicker roots spiralling round at the bottom

Our Stress-Free Steps For Repotting

Remove plant from current pot

Turn the plant and pot on its side and tap the bottom of the pot. Try gently rolling/ squeezing the plastic pot, or try getting your fingers in around the edge of the pot and soil to loosen it.

Loosen the roots gently

Start rubbing the edges of the soil loosening the thread roots. Next lay the plant on its side and gently kneed the root system, untangling the main roots. Do not remove all soil from roots, you just want to loosen them.

Prepare new potting soil

Whether you are increasing the plant pot size or simply refreshing the soil, it makes sense to add fresh potting mix now. A happy houseplant will thank you for the food. Remove 1/3 to 1/2 of the old potting soil from the old pot, and add a layer of new potting soil, packing it down afterwards. (If potting into a new grow pot or liner, use new potting soil). If your pot does not have a drainage hole, add a drainage layer of gravel or better still hydrogranules.

Planting the plant

Sit your plant on the new soil in the pot making sure the soil level is not too high or too low. The plant needs to support its own weight without burying the crown. Once the height and position are correct, fill in and around the roots with new soil until full, lightly pressing down afterwards.

Water your new potted plant

When the pot or liner is full, level off the soil in the top of the pot and give your plant a drink, remembering not to add too much water. As the new potting soil will have nutrients, you will not need to fertilise the plant.

Houseplant Repotting

Horty Hints

Spring cleaning
Always try to repot in the spring.

Hungry Hun
You should repot every 12-18 months, refreshing soil nutrients.

No drainage hole no problem
Repot into a plant pot liner with 1 inch of hydrogranules at the bottom.

Made of the right stuff
Use a well-draining houseplant potting mix, not garden soil/compost

Too big to grow
Go steady, increase pot size by 2” to 4"s if the pot is too big, your plant will suffer.