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Calathea picturata Argentea

SIZE: Pot Diameter x Total Height
12cm grow pot
17cm grow pot
Size Tip: Fits in a pot with an 18cm+ opening

Calethea strikes again with this stunning display of potted spots. Known for their diversely patterned leaves on a backdrop of mulberry coloured velvety foliage, Calethea Argentea is no different. A dense tuft of elliptic leaves orbits the long slim stems of this plant, displaying seamed silvery discs edged in a rich tropical green. A stylish dream for an interior queen.

Calathea picturata Argentea Care & Info Guide

Horty Hints

Quit the curl! Leaves curling on your plant is a sign the plant is thirsty. Rehydrate and revitalize with some distilled water.

A mist a day will go a long way! This needy plant likes a lot of attention, especially when it comes to humidity.

A family resemblance! Like many other calathea, this one also likes warm, humid environments. Try to keep away from cold windows, draughts or locations with lots of passing traffic. Brown tips are common.

Please note: images show how this plant may look at various stages of maturity. The size you choose may look different.