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Houseplant Focus - Plant Nutrition


Houseplant Focus - Plant Nutrition

Houseplant Focus is no ordinary plant food. This premium quality, balanced liquid concentrated fertiliser contains a precise formulation specifically developed for houseplants, with all 14 essential nutrients needed for healthy growth and optimal flowering.

Features: Houseplant Focus is manufactured from the purest and most soluble mineral salts, including vital micro-nutrients. It is enriched with pure extracts of kelp and concentrated complex organic plant acids such as humic and fulvic acid to increase the fertility of the potting medium.

Usage: To dilute, mix 5ml (one teaspoon) Houseplant Focus per litre of clean water. Houseplant Focus can also be sprayed or misted over plant foliage. To optimise growth and plant health in less than ideal conditions, add 5ml of our Organic Root Enhancer Root Ultra Plus. Combine with Houseplant Focus Repotting Mix for best results.