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Thaumatophyllum Xanadu - Philodendron Xanadu

SIZE: Pot Diameter x Total Height
19cm grow pot
21cm grow pot
30cm grow pot
Size Tip: Fits in a pot with a 20cm+ opening

Previously thought to be part of the Philodendron bipinnatifidum family and origianlly under the name Winterbourn, the Thaumatophyllum Xanadu is a cut-leaf philodendron. It is a good looking plant, with shiny green, leathery leaves, each with multiple lobes. Unlike other relatives to the philodendron family, this is not a climber, instead it grows in a mounded shape on a thick woody stem, often becoming wider than it is tall.

A compact, low maintenance choice for homes and offices, that will help purify your air.

Thaumatophyllum Xanadu Care & Info Guide

Horty Hints

Prevent the pests! As new leaves grow; it will leave behind brown leaf husks. It is good practice to remove these to prevent fungus and pest infestations.

You grow, girl! Increase the bushiness of this plant by pinching out after a leaf node on single stems. This will promote off shoots and more branches, meaning more leaves.

Location, Location, Location! These plants will thrive in almost all levels of humidity, however placing them in high humidity environments will encourage larger leaves.

Please note: images show how this plant may look at various stages of maturity. The size you choose may look different.