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September 06, 2022 3 min read

The best indoor plants for boosting wellbeing, productivity and happiness in the office

From big conglomerates to small start-ups, nothing softens even the most stark and sterile of workspaces like a plant. Decorative greenery not only looks inviting, attractive and welcoming to employees and visitors, but it also helps to elevate the atmosphere and mood; improving wellbeing, creativity, and productivity.

It’s not just about the style points though, adding houseplants to the workspace also has a range of health benefits including reducing stress, increasing productivity and, perhaps most importantly, boosting happiness. Whether you’re in a large shared-office or work alone from the box room, adding plants to the workspace will help filter the air of harmful toxins and increase the overall humidity of the room which, in turn, can reduce congestion and illness. Ongoing research also points to the unique abilities of plants to help dampen intrusive background noises such as traffic and phone-chatter, giving a greater sense of privacy and reducing stress levels in a more natural, greener and often more cost-effective way than soundproofing and noise cancelling technology.

The best houseplants for each type of office space:

Whether you're lucky enough to have a bright and inviting office or are stuck in a dark corner cubicle, the right plant can make a huge difference to your working environment. In selecting what the right plant for your space is, it often comes down to choosing the right size, style and care-level to suit your needs.

Traditional: Private offices, contemporary board rooms and glossy tiled receptions, for formal and professional businesses such as law firms. Great for all varieties of plants, large and small. Consider our HydroCare Plants for the ultimate in easy care indoor plants.
Co-working: A big room divided into individual work areas and cubicles, with shared amenities and facilities. Great for shade tolerant, desk decorating houseplants, hanging plants within cubicles and tall floor-standing plants in entrances and corridors.
Creative: Bright, colourful and unconventional spaces, designed around team collaboration and partnerships, where team members are given shared spaces to work without segregating cubicle walls and rooms. Great for low maintenance, structural foliage and quirky colours and styles that make a bold impression.

Small, desk decorating foliage for the office.

Not all houseplants need to make a big bold statement. Whether trailing or bushy, these desk decorating houseplants are relatively slow growing, shade tolerant and don’t mind being pot bound or crowded, making them perfect for work desks and windowsills everywhere.

ZZ: Shade tolerant semi succulents, meaning less water and light.
Aglaonema: Darker varieties for shaded desks, lighter varieties for brighter desks.
Peace lily: Likes bright light or light shade and will wilt when it needs watered.
Sansevieria: Drought tolerant, and only needs watered once every 3 weeks.
Pothos: Likes lower light levels and less water. Can be trimmed when it gets too long.

Big indoor plants and trees for the office.

Big plants for big spaces! These larger houseplants and indoor trees are low maintenance and easy care making them ideal for traditional office spaces and communal areas that need a professional yet homely inviting feel. Great in large entrances, wide corridors and busy communal areas.

Dracaena: Slow growing, drought tolerant and structured, great for busy high traffic areas.
Lady Palm: shade tolerant and hardy, great for cooler, darker spaces.
Aspidistra: Shade tolerant and slow growing, meaning it won't become overgrown.
Pachira: Thrives under fluorescent lights, great for offices with no natural light.
Yucca: likes light shade and dry conditions, only needing watered every 2 weeks.

We are great believers in the virtues of plants for all spaces and the office is certainly no exception.
Make Life Greener in your office with the help of Hortology.