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July 01, 2022 2 min read

Are you tired and wilted after a day at your desk? Well we might just have the solution for you… (and no, it's not a stiff drink!). Introducing plants, the ultimate air purifiers for your indoor workspace.

Not only do plants add a pop of colour and life to otherwise dull office spaces, but they also have the ability to remove toxins from the air and increase humidity levels. So, not only will you feel better physically, but mentally as well – who doesn't love a little bit of nature in their life?

But, before you go out and buy every succulent in sight, it's important to note that not all plants have the same air-purifying abilities.

The most effective plants for improving indoor air quality are available here at Hortology…

So, what are you waiting for? Bring some green into your life and watch as your productivity and overall wellbeing soar. Just make sure to give your new green friends a little bit of love and attention every now and then – they're living beings after all. And don't forget to water them, otherwise, they'll wilt just like you were before.

And if you're still feeling sceptical, just remember: there have been numerous studies, including from NASA, which have found that plants are even better at improving indoor air quality than air purifiers. Now that's something to brag about at your next team meeting.

Plants are not just for outside or for people who have a green thumb, they are for everyone and can do wonders for your indoor air quality and your overall wellbeing. So, go ahead and breathe life into your workspace and watch as the productivity, and mood of you and your coworkers improves.