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SMC Spidermite Control


SMC Spidermite Control

SMC Spidermite Control is a 100% organic, premium quality leaf wash that provides safe, natural and highly effective control of Spidermites (Tetranychidae) and most common plant pests.


Made from specially blended plant extracts, it is harmless to children and pets and safe to use on edible fruit and vegetables as well as ornamental plants. Spidermite Control will not harm beneficial insects. It is completely safe, leaving no harmful residues and evaporates while suffocating and eliminating pest infestations.

Spidermite Control works by using a physical mode of action, blocking the breathing holes of Spidermites and insects causing death by suffocation. Any insect eggs are unlikely to hatch due to their encapsulation within the medium and their obvious inability to transpire successfully into adulthood.


Mix concentrate at 25ml of Spidermite Control to 1 litre of water, shake and use, spraying all surfaces of plant at the first sign of damage with a fine mist. Spidermite Control can be used from seedling through to harvest. Avoid spraying flowers.