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Plant Pot Liner 35cm

SIZE: Diameter x Height
23cm base
25cm base
Size Check: 35cm opening tapers to 23cm base

Plant Pot Liner 35cm

Our premium soft and flexible plant pot liners give you the freedom to choose your interior style from an array of modern pots and planters in different designs and materials, from ceramic and terracotta, to wicker or metal.

Adding an internal pot liner gives you the peace of mind that your decorative pots will remain pristine and protected from nutrient deposits and that floors and furnishing will be protected from leaks from porous pots.

Made from a high quality “squashy” flexible LDPE plastic to fit through the opening of your pot. Choose the correct diameter and height for your pot whilst taking into account the internal diameter of the access hole. If required, the height of the liner can be trimmed down with scissors and then squeezed into the pot below the rim to create an unobtrusive barrier into which you can pot your plant.

In taller planters, pot liners allow for the soil to be contained to an appropriate depth for the plant, without needing to fill the entire vessel with soil. This ensures the root system is surrounded in optimum moisture content rather than it draining to the bottom beyond the roots.