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Peperomia argyreia - Watermelon Peperomia

SIZE: Pot Diameter x Total Height
12cm grow pot
15cm grow pot
Size Tip: Fits in a pot with a 12.5cm+ opening

Peperomia argyreia is all about the foliage. Fascinating fleshy leaves are banded with greens and greys that sway on central red purple stems giving it the alternative name of Watermelon Peperomia. Native to South America it likes the dappled light of a jungle floor which makes it particularly suited to lower indoor light conditions.

Please note: the stems and leaves on this plant are very fragile and despite our best efforts some may be lost or damaged and bruised during transit.

Peperomia argyreia - Watermelon Peperomia Care & Info Guide

Horty Hints

Keep it together! If this patterned plant has grown too long and leggy, distorting its compact shape, it is reaching for the sunlight. Try moving to a brighter location.

How much is too much? This semi-succulent is sensitive to overwatering. Too wet and it will rot, too dry and it will die. When the soil has nearly dried out, give it a little drink.

Light them up! These plants thrive under both florescent and natural light, making them ideal in darker shaded spaces such as offices.

Please note: images show how this plant may look at various stages of maturity. The size you choose may look different.