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Ocean Glaze Plant Bowl - Sapphire

SIZE: External Diameter x Height
24.5cm opening
Size Check: 24.5cm opening for plants

Ocean Glaze Plant Bowl - Sapphire

Dive in and bring the serenity of the sea to your plant collection with the aquatic allure of the Ocean Glaze Plant Pot Collection. The collection features plant bowls with a reactive glaze that combines whites into a deep ocean blue awash with sapphire. The bowl-shaped plant pots are finished with a glossy, polished glaze, completing the oceanic appearance.

Material: Ceramic.

Usage: Indoor use only. No drainage hole. These plant pots are not guaranteed 100% watertight: use a waterproof liner to protect against moisture damage.

Features: Reactive glaze; handmade - each one is unique. Slight imperfections and variations may occur in colour, shape and size.