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Metallic Partner Planter - Matt Honey

SIZE: External Diameter x Height
27cm opening
33cm opening
33cm opening
41cm opening
Large Item: pallet delivery
Size Check: 27cm opening for plants

Suitable for indoor useMade from lightweight composite materialsHandmade high quality craftsmanshipintegrated liner included for easy planting and maintenanceWaterproof can be used without a liner

Metallic Partner Plant Pot - Matt Honey

Standing tall and slender, this extraordinary planter showcases a vase-like silhouette that exudes sophistication and grace. Its surface is adorned with a delicate layer of silver leaf, infusing a touch of enchantment into its overall design. To complete this masterpiece, a warm golden honey lacquer is meticulously applied, ensuring a lustrous and mesmerising finish that effortlessly captivates the eye.

Material: Resin with reinforced glass fibre; durable, strong and lightweight.

Usage: Suitable for indoor use only. Suitable for soil plants or hydroculture plants.

Features: Internal liner included.