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Luxe Lite Comet Straight Partner Planter - Bronze

SIZE: External Diameter x Height
27cm opening
31cm opening
Size Check: 27cm opening for plants

Suitable for indoor useMade from lightweight composite materialsHandmade high quality craftsmanshipRaised base for easy planting at the correct height

Luxe Lite Comet Straight Partner Planter - Bronze

Handcrafted with smooth metallic flames that seem to shoot from the base, the Comet planter seamlessly transitions into a metal honeycomb-inspired relief for an effortlessly chic look—a stunning contemporary tall vase planter for unique, bold, floor-standing indoor greenery.

Not only does the Comet planter look beautiful, but it's also solid and lightweight. Made from plastic resin reinforced with glass fibre, it's built to last and can be easily moved around to suit your space.

Material: Plastic resin with reinforced glass fibre; durable, strong and lightweight with a faux bronze metallic surface application.

Usage: Suitable for indoor use only. Suitable for soil plants or hydroculture plants. Add a planter liner to create a waterproof protection barrier.

Features: Handmade, lightweight.