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Lava Oval Relic Plant Bowl - Pink

SIZE: Length x Width x Height
13cm opening
17cm opening
Size Check: 13cm opening for plants

Suitable for indoor useSuitable for outdoor useFrost resistant against freezing outdoor temperaturesHandmade high quality craftsmanship

Lava Oval Relic Plant Bowl - Pink

Handcrafted and fired in traditional wood-fuelled ovens, each Lava Oval Relic Planter features unique volcanic patterns in pink, red and white tones giving the appearance of an active lava flow. Its distinctive shape and texture will add a touch of unique nature-inspired style to any room.

Material: Ceramic. Please Note: The use of natural materials creates colour and texture variations between pieces. No two planters are the same.

Usage: Indoor use only. Liner required to ensure 100% waterproofing.

Features: Water repellent coating; Anti-scratch felt base.