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Lava Oval Relic Plant Bowl - Jade

SIZE: Length x Width x Height
13cm opening
17cm opening
Size Check: 13cm opening for plants

Suitable for indoor useSuitable for outdoor useFrost resistant against freezing outdoor temperaturesHandmade high quality craftsmanship

Lava Oval Relic Plant Bowl - Jade

Handcrafted and fired in traditional wood-fuelled ovens, each Lava Oval Relic Planter features unique volcanic patterns in verdant green and white tones giving the appearance of a foaming sea. Its distinctive shape and texture will add a touch of unique nature-inspired style to any room.

Material: Ceramic. Please Note: The use of natural materials creates colour and texture variations between pieces. No two planters are the same.

Usage: Indoor use only. Liner required to ensure 100% waterproofing.

Features: Water-repellent coating; Anti-scratch felt base.