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Hydroponic Houseplant Focus - Hydrocare Nutrition


Hydroponic Houseplant Focus - Hydrocare Nutrition

Hydroponic Houseplant Focus has been specifically formulated for houseplants growing in hydroponic and semi-hydroponic systems including HydroCare plants.

A full spectrum nutrient solution for hydroponics and plants grown in hydrogranules, it is pH stabilised for immediate availability.


Macronutrients % w/v Benefit
Nitrogen Total 1.90 Strong lush green growth
Nitrate nitrogen 1.63
Ammoniacal nitrogen 0.27
Phosphorous pentoxide (P2O5) 0.71/td> Blooming & flowering
Potassium oxide K2O 3.34 Photosynthesis & water uptake
Calcium oxide CaO 0.98 Regulates soil acidity & nutrient uptake


Micronutrients % w/v Benefit
Copper Cu (EDTA) 0.002 Chlorophyll production & enzyme activation
Iron Fe (EDTA) 0.040 Chlorophyll production & enzyme function
Manganese Mn (EDTA) 0.01 Chlorophyll production & photosynthesis
Molybdenum Mo 0.001 Assists nitrogen & phosphorous conversion for plant uptake
Zinc Zn (EDTA) 0.0025 Growth hormone production & stem elongation
Also contains Magnesium, Sulphur, Boron


Mix 5ml per litre of clean water and apply with every top-up of the nutrient reservoir.