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Hydroculture Water Level Indicator - Extra Large

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Hydroculture Water Level Indicator - Extra Large

Water level indicators for use with hydroculture grow pots when assembling a hydroculture plant. Ensures you avoid over and under watering mistakes.

Select the correct height water level indicator for your hydroculture grow pot and simply slot it into the channel on the side of the grow pot for an easy reading of the amount of water in the hydrogranules at the base of the grow pot.

Allow the indicator to show a zero reading for a couple of days before watering the hydrogranules again. Keep the reading in the optimum range and add a hydroculture feed every 2 to 3 waterings during spring and summer.

Please Note: Water level indicators are a component of assembling a hydroculture plant in a plant pot. Hydroculture planting requires:

  1. The hydroculture plant in its hydroculture grow pot.
  2. A water meter to slot into the side of the hydroculture grow pot.
  3. A plastic liner that fits your chosen decorative plant pot/planter. Just click the "Add A Pot Liner" button when you buy a pot from us to get the correct sized pot liner.
  4. Extra hydrogranules to fill around the grow pot and make a nice finish on top.
  5. Hydroculture plant food, specifically formulated for use with hydrogranules.

Hydroculture Planter Assembly