Humata tyermannii - White Rabbit's Foot Fern

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SIZE: Pot Diameter x Total Height
Size Tip: Fits in a pot with a 12.5cm+ opening

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Superb plants with a difference! This fern produces furry silvery rhizomes that grow outside of the pot and cascade over the side giving Humata tyermannii its common names: White Rabbit's Foot, Silver Hare’s Foot and Bears Paw Fern.

Humata tyermannii has fine, delicate fronds of deep green, although new growth may start life with a bronze flush. A lucky fern that looks great in a hanging basket showing off all its glorious features.

Humata tyermannii - White Rabbit's Foot Fern Care & Info Guide

Light: Prefers bright, indirect light but will tolerate lower light conditions.

Water: Keep the soil moist at all times.

Temperature: Average to warm household temperatures 18-24°C, but no lower than 10°C. Avoid cold draughts.

Humidity: Humata tyermannii loves higher humidity levels and are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Alternatively place on a shallow gravel tray filled with water and mist regularly.

Feed: Liquid fertiliser can be applied occasionally during the growing season. Do not over-feed. View Plant Nutrition

Care Tips: This plant may shed foliage during the winter months, which is repalced during the next growing season.

Height and Growth Rate: Typical indoor height 50-60cm. Very slow growing.

Origin: Canary Islands.