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Winter Wonderland: Hosting with Houseplants in Style

December 01, 2023 3 min read

Winter Wonderland: Hosting with Houseplants in Style

Celebrate winter in style! Dive into the joy of the hosting season with gorgeous gifts and dazzling decorations supported by houseplants.

Elevate your winter vibes by introducing houseplants—lush and air-purifying wonders—to seamlessly infuse your home with the cosy embrace of winter wellbeing and holiday glamour.

Host Winter Warmers

Introduce a cosy feel to your winter hosting with the addition of red indoor plants. Red flowering houseplants such as Christmas cacti, Bromelia, and Anthurium as well as red-tinged foliage plants, infuse warmth into your space, creating a snug and inviting atmosphere that resonates with the season's spirit. The bold colours will not only complement your winter decor but also evoke feelings of comfort and joy.

Alt Xmas Trees

Instead of the traditional fir Christmas tree, consider using a large and tall houseplant as a unique and eco-friendly alternative. Decorate it with festive ornaments, twinkling lights, and an appropriately festive plant pot. The majestic presence of a well-dressed plant can serve as a focal point, turning it into a botanical masterpiece that captures the spirit of the season. Plus, as January rolls around, you'll continue to revel in the beauty of lush greenery—something that not only benefits the environment but also proves friendly to both your wallet and your overall decor.

Christmas Party Pieces

For those looking to make a statement ('tis the season!), invest in specimen plants that dazzle and capture attention. Consider vibrant and colourful plants, uniquely large specimens and cool and trendy houseplants for a real wow from guests. These plants not only add a fresh festive touch but also serve as conversation starters and eye-catching centerpieces for your winter gatherings.

Glimmer And Shimmer

Elevate your plant game by incorporating metallic plant pots into your winter decor. Gold, silver, bronze or copper tones can add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your indoor garden. Place them strategically around your living space to catch and reflect the warm glow of holiday lights, creating a subtle shimmer that complements the season's festivities.

Botanical Baubles

Enhance your winter ambience by embracing the captivating charm of hanging houseplants and chic hanging plant pots. Hang cascading vines of houseplants strategically in corners, crafting a whimsical arrangement reminiscent of beautiful baubles. Let trailing plants gracefully spill from shelves and mantels, amplifying the festive atmosphere. Opt for the frost-kissed foliage of Satin Pothos, the red candle-shaped blooms of the Lipstick Plant, or traditional English Ivy varieties to evoke a classic winter aesthetic.

Deck The Halls

The hallway and doorway set the tone for any gathering. Welcome guests into your winter wonderland by adorning these spaces with strategically placed houseplants. Consider using lush and tall plants to frame the entrance, creating a green passage that invites people to step into the warmth of your home. Optionally, adorn with fairy lights or small ornaments for a touch of magic.

Happier Hibernations

Choose easy-care plants that require minimal attention during the winter months. Succulents, Spider plants, ZZ plants, and Pothos are resilient choices that can thrive with minimal TLC. This ensures that you can enjoy the beauty of your indoor garden without the stress of high-maintenance care, allowing you to hibernate happily during the colder days.

Winter Wellbeing

Amid the festivities, let's not overlook the health perks of houseplants. These air-purifying wonders not only elevate the visual allure of your living space but also play a crucial role in enhancing air quality—a particularly valuable asset during the season when we find ourselves cosily confined indoors.

Infuse your space with the rejuvenating benefits of plants, creating a healthier atmosphere for your guests to relish as they bask in the warmth of your winter hospitality.