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Statement Houseplants To Replace Your Christmas Tree

Avoid the twelfth-night blues with gorgeous green indoor plants that are perfect for filling in empty spaces left behind post-Christmas.

Christmas trees are so central to our festive celebrations that, when its time for the tree to come down for another year, the space can start to feel especially bare and gloomy. To help keep the greenery you’ve grown to love in December year-round, we've compiled a list of great houseplants to fell the gap left by your Christmas tree.

Here are our top large and tall houseplant picks to replace your Christmas tree with January - November:

Arching Areca Palm

Chrysalidocarpus lutescens' elegant and graceful arching fronds make an incredible statement in any room.

Reaching heights of 2m with ease and options to buy 150-170cm tall available here at Hortology year-round, Arecas offer large-scale greenery and are excellent at occupying spaces otherwise reseved for 6 foot + Christmas trees.


Chrysalidocarpus lutescens - Areca Palm

Pachira aquatica - Money Tree

Majestic Money Tree

Pachira aquatica's 5-lobed leaves and lucky reputation are enough to make this the perfect 11 month placeholder for a Christmas Tree but, what really makes this wonderful indoor tree stand out from the rest, are it's braided stems.

The elegently plaited pachira stems eventually reach up to 3 metres in height, offering full floor to ceiling greenery. 


Elegant Unbreakable Aspidistra

Resilient and robust, Aspidistra is ideal floor standing foliage for darker corners and tricky spaces where you need "set-and-forget" foliage.

No fuss but with bucket loads of style, if you're looking to replace a plastic Christmas tree, then an Aspidistra is an espeically good option.


Aspidistra - Cast Iron Plant

Dracaena fragrans Lemon Lime

Zesty Tropical Dracaena

Dracaena fragrans Lemon Lime is perfect for narrow spaces thanks to its slender stems and tight spread of vibrant foliage.

If your tree's footprint is tight but you have height to play with, Dracaena offer some great options.


Punk Trunk Yucca

Yucca elephantipes - Spineless Yucca is an incredibly striking upright plant with an unmistakeable thick stem and straight sword-shaped leaves.

It makes quite a statement in any room, like your Christmas tree did.


Yucca elephantipes - Spineless Yucca

Ficus lyrata - Fiddle Leaf Fig

Forget Fine Needles - Fiddle Leaf Fig

Ficus lyrata offers fantastic tree-scale height but contrasts the Christmas tree in one very striking way - its leaf shape.

Prized for it's incredible broad paddle shaped leaves, Fiddle Leaf Fig is an especially good choice if the pain of picking up pine needles is still raw now that Christmas is over.



Here at Hortology we have hundreds of options of large and tall houseplants that would all make great areplacements for the space left by the Christmas tree.

Explore the full range of options and find the perfect plant for your space here at Hortology:

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