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Washingtonia robusta - Mexican Fan Palm

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SIZE: Pot Diameter x Total Height
Size Tip: Fits in a pot with a 22cm+ opening

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Also known as Sky Duster, Cotton Palm and Petticoat Palm, Washingtonia robusta epitomises Californian boulevards.

The Mexican Fan Palm has a tall, slender reddish trunk that swells towards the base topped by a crown of large, bright green, fan-shaped leaves, with cotton-like threads hanging from each leaf.

With its strong architectural features and tropical good looks, this palm is a must for all interior landscapers.

Washingtonia robusta - Mexican Fan Palm Care & Info Guide

Light: Bright, indirect light ideally with a few hours of direct morning or late afternoon sunshine and some partial shade.

Water: Allow the top of the soil to become slightly dry before watering. Do not allow roots to sit in water. Please note: these palms will dry out quickly when kept indoors.

Temperature: Pretty much happy in any room, whether cool or warm, but if the room is warm, this will dry out the plant more quickly and it will need watering more regularly. They are not quite frost hardy, so bring them inside if you have had them on the patio during the summer.

Feed: Feed only once or twice a year during the growing season. Do not over-feed. View Plant Nutrition

Care Tips: Dead leaves hang from the palm like skirts. These should be removed when grown indoors. Thin out new growth if the palm becomes too big for its space.

Air Purifying: Palms clean and improve air quality by filtering formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide toxins from the surrounding environment.

Height and Growth Rate: Ultimate outdoor height 4-5m. Moderate to fast growth rate, but likely to be slower indoors.

Origin: Northern Mexico.