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Terrazzo Darcy Planter - Black

SIZE: External Diameter x Height
31cm opening
43cm opening
Size Check: 31cm opening for plants

Suitable for indoor useSuitable for outdoor useUV protection against sun damageFrost resistant against freezing outdoor temperaturesHandmade high quality craftsmanship

Terrazzo Darcy Planter - Black

The Terrazzo collection offers contemporary elegance with its combination of natural white marble-like stone chips and sleek black granite-effect fibrestone. The planters are meticulously polished to a lustrous finish, resembling porcelain terrazzo tiles. They are not only visually stunning but also durable and strong.

The Terrazzo Darcy Planter, with its deep colors and tapered bowl shape, is a versatile addition to any environment. It effortlessly brings a touch of low-key luxury to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Material: Fibrestone: a combination of crushed stone and fibreglass.

Usage: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Includes drainage holes for outdoor use. Use a waterproof liner indoors.

Features: Fibrestone has a natural stone feeling; durable; low maintenance; UV and frost resistant. Slight imperfections and variations may occur in colour, shape and size.