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Solid Rectangle Planter - Dark Grey

SIZE: Length x Width x Height
30cm opening
Large Item: pallet delivery
Size Check: 30cm opening for plants

Suitable for indoor useUV protection against sun damageMade from lightweight composite materialsHandmade high quality craftsmanshipintegrated liner included for easy planting and maintenanceWaterproof can be used without a liner

Solid Rectangle Planter - Dark Grey

The Solid Rectangle Trough Planter seamlessly blends a timeless, simple design with practical materials, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate both form and function.

With its understated matt dark grey finish, it effortlessly complements a wide variety of plant combinations. Crafted from durable fiberclay, this lightweight planter offers long-lasting beauty without the worry of discolouration, thanks to its built-in UV protection. The inclusion of 3 waterproof liner tubs for easy planting and maintenance makes it an exceptionally versatile divider in corporate and hospitality spaces.

Material: Fiberclay; a durable, strong and lightweight combination of clay applied to a fibreglass structure with a matt textured finish.

Usage: Indoor use only. Suitable for soil plants or hydroculture plants.

Features: UV protective coating. Integrated waterproof containers.