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Root Ultra Plus - Organic Root Stimulator


Root Ultra Plus - Organic Root Stimulator

Root Ultra Plus is the ultimate natural houseplant root stimulator! It is designed to promote strong, vigorous, healthy rooting and minimises transplant shock. It is especially recommended for re-potted plants to encourage explosive, healthily rooting.

Features: Root Ultra Plus is a complex blend of pure organic plant extracts, seaweed and vitamins that ensures the plant thrives in its new environment. Suitable for all houseplants.

Usage: To dilute, mix 10ml (two teaspoons) Root Ultra Plus per litre of clean water. Apply with the last couple of waterings before repotting and each time you water for the next two months.

Please note: Root Ultra Plus is NOT a fertiliser - it should be used in conjunction with a good quality nutrient solution such as Houseplant Focus.