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Polystone Coated Darcy Planter - Rock

SIZE: External Diameter x Height
23cm opening
32cm opening
43cm opening
Size Check: 23cm opening for plants

Polystone Coated Darcy Planter - Rock

The Polystone planter collection is made from a mixture of plastic resin and ground limestone to create authentic stone textures in a durable, lightweight, technical planter.

The Darcy planter is handmade and has a unique flared design with a matt desert shale finish. Weatherproof coatings ensure it has UV and frost protection built in for both indoor (with a liner) and outdoor use.

Material: Polystone; a durable, strong and lightweight combination of plastic resin and ground limestone.

Usage: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Includes a drainage hole for outdoor use. Liner required for indoor use. Suitable for soil plants or hydroculture plants.

Features: UV protective coating; Frost resistant; Drainage hole.