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Plant Pot Feet - Set of 4 - Black


Plant Pot Feet - Set of 4 - Black

Elevate your plant pots and planters with colour-coordinated plant feet, expertly crafted for seamless indoor and outdoor use.

These plant feet are made from durable black fibrestone, the same premium material used in many of our high-quality pots and planters. While they perfectly match a wide selection of our popular black planter ranges, they are also designed to effortlessly blend with practically any black pot, regardless of material.

Promoting healthy plant growth, these plant feet facilitate better circulation and proper drainage. The inclusion of foam pads adds an extra layer of protection, preventing scratches on indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Features: Suitable for most plant pots with a base larger than 11cm.

Material: Black fibrestone with adhesive and foam pads.

Usage: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Turn to display curved or straight edges depending on planter and preference.

Sizing: Each foot measures approximately 2cm in height (inclusive of pads) with a diameter of 5.5cm. When arranged together, they form a circle of 11cm but should be spaced further apart for pots with larger bases.