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Naturescast Partner Planter - Grey

SIZE: External Diameter x Height
26cm opening
Size Check: 26cm opening for plants

Suitable for indoor useHandmade high quality craftsmanshipintegrated liner included for easy planting and maintenancePlanet friendly. Made from recycled materials

Naturescast Partner Planter - Grey

Innovative eco-friendly plant styling. Crafted from bi-products from the forestry industry including tree bark, dry leaves, and branches, these planters are an elegant embodiment of sustainability.

Bound together by a water-based binder, the Naturescast material ensures eco-friendliness, biodegradability, and recyclability, while also imparting a natural appearance and distinct features to each planter. Delivered in an elegant tall vase shaped design, in neutral and versatile grey colour tones, each planter includes a waterproof liner for immediate, hassle-free planting.

Material: Trademarked Naturescast® material. A proprietary blend of natural, sustainably sourced products from the timber industry, bound with a water-based binder. Please Note: The use of natural materials creates colour and texture variations between pieces.

Usage: Suitable for indoor use only. Suitable for soil plants or hydroculture plants.

Features: Internal liner included.