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Lammie Planter - Berry Blue

SIZE: External Diameter x Height
14cm opening
19.5cm opening
Size Check: 14cm opening for plants

Lammie Planter - Berry Blue

Lammie's elegant design features nature-inspired artwork on its surface. The navy blue vase is beautifully moulded and adorned with flower, foliage and berry designs, enhanced by a lustrous gloss. Subtle gold embellishments add a touch of sophistication, elevating its visual appeal with added opulence and luxury.

"The opulent Berry Blue artwork pays a heartfelt homage to love. Inspired by Venus, the Goddess of Love, often associated with berries, it showcases artistic renderings of berries, flowers, and leaves. Its carefully chosen colour palette exudes a sense of adventure and passion, with deep blues, warm earthy tones, and vibrant greens." - Lammie van Wieringen, designer.

Material: Metal.

Usage: Indoor use only. No drainage hole.

Features: Hand-applied high-gloss epoxy print - Each one is unique.