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Jumbo Jesslyn Natural Planter - Black

SIZE: External Diameter x Height
73cm opening
88cm opening
Large Item: pallet delivery
Size Check: 73cm opening for plants

Suitable for indoor useSuitable for outdoor useUV protection against sun damageFrost resistant against freezing outdoor temperatures

Jumbo Jesslyn Natural Planter - Black

Incorporating the timeless elegance of the classic egg pot shape, the Jumbo Jesslyn planter emerges as the quintessential focal point for grand-scale floor-standing botanical displays that demand attention and admiration.

Whether gracing contemporary interiors or adding a touch of opulence to outdoor settings, the Jumbo Jesslyn Planter will stand the test of time, ensuring your botanical showcases remain an embodiment of timeless luxury.

Material: Fibrestone: a combination of fibreglass and finely ground stone.

Usage: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Drainage holes should be drilled for use outside. Not guaranteed 100% watertight: use a waterproof liner to protect against moisture damage indoors.

Features: Low maintenance; durable, relatively lightweight.