Iris Plant Pot - Mint

Size Guide
SIZE: External Diameter x Height
c6.5cm opening
c11.5cm opening
c12.5cm opening
c15cm opening
c16.5cm opening
c22cm opening
Size Check: c6.5cm opening for plants

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Iris Plant Pot - Mint

Iris is a charming collection of small pots and planters, in a variety of contemporary colours with an irregular glaze effect and exposed clay rim. Made to mix and match, Iris looks great in any space, no matter how small. Perfect for table tops, window-ledges and bookshelves.

Material: Ceramic.

Usage: Indoor use only. No drainage hole. These plant pots are not guaranteed 100% watertight: use a waterproof liner to protect against moisture damage.

Features: Glazed; handmade - every one is unique. Slight imperfections and variations may occur in colour, shape and size. Note, the glaze has an intentional rustic effect on the rim to display elements of baked clay. The shape of the pot is often non-uniform due to the way it is made and the opening diameter may vary.