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Indoor Gardening Tool Set - Stainless Steel


Indoor Gardening Tool Set - Stainless Steel

This set contains all the essential tools you need to keep your indoor garden in great health.

A frosted glass houseplant mister helps boost your plant's humidity, while the pruner is perfect for trimming away spent leaves and stems or shaping live ones to promote fuller, bushier growth. When it comes to anything below the stem, the mini trowel and fork/rake are indispensable for efficient repotting as well as maintaining tidy surface dressings, loosening the soil, and ensuring proper drainage.

Features: Pruning sheers include safety lock & ergonomic handle. Plant trowel and rake include a leather suspension loop. The frosted spray bottle provides a fine mist and can be operated with one hand.

Materials: Stainless steel metals; Ash wood handles, Glass mister bottle with polypropylene spray fittings; Packaged in colour printed cardboard box.