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Igmar Hanging Plant Basket - Natural

SIZE: External Diameter x Height
16cm opening
18cm opening
Size Check: 16cm opening for plants

Igmar Hanging Plant Basket - Natural

Lift up the plant gang and your spirits with the simplicity of our natural woven hanging plant baskets. Includes an integrated waterproof liner.

Material: Natural materials.

Usage: Indoor use only.

Features: Lightweight waterproof liner provides protection against excess drainage water and moisture. If you wish to re pot your plant directly into the basket, please add a more substantial pot liner. 3 point cord ropes sewn onto the rim with a cord loop for hanging. Cords are adjustable by carefully pulling longer or shorter above the binding. Approximate total hanging length 65-69cm.

Please note: the use of natural materials creates colour, shape and size variations of 1-2cm between individual pieces. The basket heights are shorter than their diameter, please ensure you select a basket tall enough to hide your grow pot.