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Hydrogranule Clay Pebbles 8-16mm


Hydrogranule Clay Pebbles 8-16mm

Hydrogranules are used in hydroculture planting. These clever little granules are manufactured from baked and expanded clay pellets and provide hydroculture plants with optimum conditions to thrive, as well as providing improved drainage and root aeration when used with potting mixes.

Our hydrogranules are certified for horticultural use and made from purified and homogenised baked clay. They are triple filtered to remove dust and undersize pebbles and they also have a lower bulk density than clay pebbles of other brands, which means they are more porous and have a better ability to retain water. Our pebbles are also irregularly shaped, increasing their surface area compared to rounded pebbles thus allowing the plants more contact with nutrient solutions.

Hydrogranules have many advantages over soil:

Moisture Levels: Hydrogranules create optimum moisture levels around the roots of the plant. The plant will pull water from the hydrogranules according to its needs so there is no risk of over or under watering.

Root Health: The open structure of our pH neutral hydrogranules allows air to circulate around the roots keeping them healthy. Hydrogranules do not compact over time so there is no need to top up the planter and there is no risk of acidification which can occur when soil compacts and suffocates the roots, resulting in plant failure.

Pest Control: Hydrogranules are an inert medium that is less susceptible to pests, fungi and bacteria which means healthier plants with less risk of disease.

Plant Feeding: Hydrogranules are the carrier for water and nutrients. Feeding is optimised by adding a small amount of hydroculture specific liquid feed to the water when topping up the reservoir.

How Many 10L Bags Of Hydrogranules Do I Need For Hydroculture Plants?

The amount of hydrogranules you need for assembling a hydroculture plant in a plant pot depends on the size of the decorative plant pot you are using and how much you need to build up the base of the pot to sit the liner at the correct height for the plant to look good. (Assuming you are using hydrogranules as void fill below the pot liner).

As a rough guide we recommend the following number of bags based on the external diameter of the plant pot you are using.

External Diameter of Decorative Pot/Planter
28cm or less 29 - 34cm 35 - 38cm 39 - 40cm 41 - 44cm 44 - 48cm
1 Bag 2 Bags 3 Bags 4 Bags 5 Bags 6 Bags

Note: Number of bags assumes void filling the base beneath the liner with hydrogranules.

Note: For taller style planters add an additional 1 - 2 Bags depending on size, for building up the base.