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Hedera helix Golden Kolibri - English Ivy

SIZE: Pot Diameter x Total Height
13cm grow pot
Size Tip: Fits in a pot with a 14cm+ opening

Hedera Helix Golden Kolibri, commonly referred to as "Midas Touch Ivy," is a stunning variegated English Ivy that effortlessly introduces a touch of elegance and vitality into your living environment. With its lush, evergreen leaves generously adorned in vibrant splashes of golden yellow, this ivy's leaves not only add vibrancy but also contribute to air purification. Its name, Hedera helix, derived from the Ancient Greek for "twist" and "turn," aptly reflects its dynamic and lively nature.

Hedera helix Golden Kolibri - English Ivy Care & Info Guide

Horty Hints

Not shy of the dry! This plant is somewhat more robust and tolerant of neglect. Only water when the soil is 80% dry... Might as well put your feet up then.

Be careful not to overwater your English Ivy, as waterlogged roots are prone to rot!

Cool your jets! Hedra helix Golden Kolibri likes cooler temperatures. Keep it in cooler rooms and away from radiators.

Please note: images show how this plant may look at various stages of maturity. The size you choose may look different.