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Haws Smethwick Spritzer in Nickel


Haws Smethwick Spritzer in Nickel

Take your plant care to the next level with the Haws Smethwick Spritzer. With its refined shape and elegant silver finish, the Smethwick Spritzer features a gentle misting action that is perfect for increasing humidity in heated environments while simultaneously removing dust and dirt from leaves to keep your plants looking and feeling fabulous.

Please note: Untreated metal products, such as this one, will develop a patina with age. If your product starts to develop mottled surface spots, and you don’t like them, a quick polish will restore its original shine.

Features: Fine spray for optimum misting; ideal for improving humidity; can be used with one hand.

Material: Nickel.

Usage: Suitable for misting indoor plants; 1/2 pint volume.