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Ficus elastica Robusta HydroCare in Luxe Lite Waterfall Cylinder - Bronze

SIZE: Pot Diameter x Total Height
Height Range
Large Item: pallet delivery

Effortlessly elevate your space with premium and professional quality plant displays delivered to your door. Enjoy lush wellbeing greenery without the hassles of assembly or major maintenance. Hortology's carefully curated plant display combos deliver maximum visual impact with minimal effort.

Each plant display arrives planted up with an easy care watering system for plant health, easy maintenance and out-of-the-box display readiness.

Installation couldn’t be easier either. Simply bring it into your space, unpack, and water. With minimal maintenance too, our plant displays offer effortless elegance, every step of the way.


Please note: This plant display is specifically sourced and made for you. Due to its bespoke and perishable nature orders for plant displays cannot be cancelled or returned.


Grab a tape measure and assess the width and height of your space, also take note of the light and temperature conditions in the area(s) you’d like to add plants to.

You should be able to choose a plant display from the options on the website, but if you need any help then feel free to contact us, include pics and an indication of budget if you can, and our plant stylists will happily give you some guidance FOC.

It’s everything you’d get from a design service but a little less formal and a bit more efficient – plus it's FREE!

With Hortology plant displays you really don’t need to hire a professional. The process for installing is as easy as moving it into position and topping up the water reservoir. Anyone can install with ease.

The only help you might need is in lifting the display into position, but just grab a friend, family member, coworker or passing acquaintance for a hand and save a few hundred pounds on installation costs!

Let’s demystify this! We know plant maintenance contracts are sold by “experts” to confound and confuse and get you to pay for the display a few times over. But with a Hortology plant display you literally just need to look at a dial and add some nutrient enriched water when it says it’s been empty for a week or so. You’ve got this. We believe in you!  

But if you prefer to delegate? You could train someone else in under 30 seconds. We’ll send super simple instructions to your inbox that you can share with even the most technologically challenged! 

The only thing you’ll need to add is water and plant food. There’s a button on each plant display to take you to the correct plant food for your display, and the water?  

We recommend you get from the tap. If you’re feeling fancy, then leave the water out overnight to diffuse any chlorine and come up to room temperature, but fresh tap water should be fine.

Our plant displays are "Made to Order" especially for you, so once we receive your order our plant experts get busy behind the scenes sourcing your plants from our growers and getting ready to use their green-fingered skills to professionally assemble your new style statement. 

This means that once we start the process we cannot accept cancellation or return of your order, so we do ask that you make sure you are happy to proceed before you make payment.

For each plant display we select and assemble the very best plants and planters available. This process is bespoke to your order and typically takes 2-3 weeks providing the items are available. 

Once we have your order ready for dispatch we will be in touch to agree a convenient day for our transport partners to deliver it.