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Euphorbia ingens - Candelabra Tree

Size Guide
SIZE: Pot Diameter x Total Height
Size Tip: Fits in a pot with a 25cm+ opening

Plant Care: Cacti Focus Nutrition

This cool cactus embodies the serene arid landscapes and setting suns of South America and Africa. Succulent green, triangular trunks reach for the sky, casting scalloped shadows in the sunlight. A huddle of secondary branches cling to the waist of the main stem, displaying a geometric margin which form rippled furrows along the cactus' surface. This easy-care succulent will tolerate most environments, making it perfect for beginners.

Euphorbia ingens Care & Info Guide

Light: Needs lots of bright light. Direct sunlight is OK but take care to ensure this does not scorch the plant.

Water: Allow the soil to dry out before watering. Do not over water. Drought tolerant for short periods.

Temperature: Prefers it reasonably warm, ideally from 15-27°C. Keep out of draughts.

Feed: Apply a half strength dose of liquid fertiliser in the summer. View Plant Nutrition

Height and Growth Rate: Indoor height 1-2m but very slow growing.

Toxicity: The sap is poisonous and an irritant. Avoid getting into your eyes or mouth and handle with care.

Origin: South Africa.