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Ella Artstone Tall Planter - Grey

SIZE: Length x Width x Height
Internal Depth: 36cm Internal Base: 19cm

Suitable for indoor useSuitable for outdoor useUV protection against sun damageFrost resistant against freezing outdoor temperaturesMade from lightweight composite materialsWaterproof can be used without a linerRaised base for easy planting at the correct heightPlanet friendly. Made from recycled materials

Ella Artstone Tall Planter - Grey

The Ella Artstone tall planter has a modern tapered square vase shape with a grey matt stone effect finish.

Artstone planters revolutionise container gardening both outdoors and indoors. Made from a stone and synthetic mix, each planter has a unique stone effect finish with the advantages of being lightweight and therefore movable, as well as weather and frost resistant.

Healthy plants are easy to grow thanks to the unique water reservoir in the base that allows plants to draw up water in dry conditions and avoid roots sitting in waterlogged soil when wet. These planters therefore work best with the plant re-potted directly into them rather than left in their grow pots. If the intention is to leave the plant in its grow pot and sit it directly into the Artstone planter rather than re-potting the plant directly into the planter, please select a size large enough to cover the height of the grow pot.

Each planter has a plug to make it watertight for indoor use. For outdoor use, simply remove the plug to allow excess rainwater to drain from the reservoir.

Material: Synthetic resin (plastic) mixed with finely ground stone. Recyclable.

Usage: Indoor and outdoor use. Liner not required. Not suitable for use without the internal reservoir system.


  • Lightweight and moveable.
  • Unique matt stone effect finish.
  • Reservoir drainage system for healthy plants.
  • Weather and frost resistant.
  • Drainage hole with plug to drain excess water outdoors. Recessed feet for drainage and frost protection.