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Copenhagen Plant Pot - Aqua

SIZE: External Diameter x Height
12cm opening
13.5cm opening
16.5cm opening
Size Check: 12cm opening for plants

Copenhagen Plant Pot - Aqua

Each Copenhagen pot showcases a captivating blend of hand-applied multi-tonal blue and green glazes, creating a mesmerising aqua theme that is truly one-of-a-kind. With vibrant yet soft, almost pastel hues, these pots, complemented by their raw unglazed textured cement base, elegantly enhance shelves and windowsills, lending a subtle touch of sassy sophistication to your home decor. Embrace the versatility of the Copenhagen collection by mixing and matching various colours and sizes to imbue your living space with enduring charm and personality.

Material: Ceramic. Glazed.

Usage: Indoor use only. No drainage hole. These plant pots are not guaranteed 100% watertight: use a waterproof liner to protect against moisture damage.

Features: Glazed; handmade - every one is unique. Slight imperfections and variations may occur in colour, shape and size. Variations do occur in the glazing. Please see example images of how these might look.