Chamaedorea metallica - Metallic Palm

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Chamaedorea metallica is also known as Metal Palm, Metallica Palm and Miniature Fishtail Palm. It looks rather different to other palms, with its wide, stiff, ‘fish-tail’ shaped leaves on a single stemmed trunk. The leaves are dark blue-green with a metallic lustre, almost like gun metal. This metallic sheen is most noticeable when the plant is in shade. Metallica palms occasionally flower, producing fascinating spikes of red, purple, or orange flowers that develop into small black, inedible fruits.

Chamaedorea metallica - Metallic Palm Care & Info Guide

Light: Full shade to bright, filtered light. Avoid direct sunlight.

Water: Consistently moist soil. Water once the soil begins to dry out. Do not overwater and ensure the plant has proper drainage to prevent root rot. Can tolerate some degree of drought.

Temperature: Average household temperatures above 18°C. Needs a minimum of 10°C in winter and at night.

Humidity: Will tolerate dry, indoor air, but would also appreciate the occasional misting with lukewarm water, which will also help keep the leaves free of dust.

Feed: Feed with a weak solution every few weeks during the growing season. Do not feed during the winter. View Plant Nutrition

Air Purifying: This plant filters airborne toxins and is part of our clean air plant collection.

Height and Growth Rate: Ultimate indoor height 1-1.5m. Slow growing.

Toxicity: Toxic if eaten. Keep away from children and pets.

Origin: Mexico and Central America.