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Bordo Balloon Planter - Earth

SIZE: External Diameter x Height
22cm opening
31.5cm opening
42.5cm opening
56cm opening
Size Check: 22cm opening for plants

Suitable for indoor useSuitable for outdoor useUV protection against sun damageFrost resistant against freezing outdoor temperaturesMade from lightweight composite materialsHandmade high quality craftsmanship

Bordo Balloon Planter - Earth

With its deep dark near-black colour, captivating concrete-look finish and contemporary rippled details, the Bordo Balloon Planter boasts a fusion of rugged charm and modern convenience in its design.

Crafted with a blend of crushed stone, it presents a sturdy, concrete-like appearance that seamlessly blends with its lightweight and resilient fiberglass-reinforced resin construction. This unique combination ensures durability while maintaining an elegant aesthetic suitable for both modern interiors and outdoor gardenscapes.

Ideal for showcasing eye-catching green displays, the Bordo balloon planter offers a beautiful canvas that effortlessly transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Built in frost and UV protection mean it can be left outside all year round.

Material: Fibrestone: A combination of fibreglass and crushed stone.

Usage: Suitable for use both inside and outside. Liner recommended for indoor use.

Features: Lightweight; strong and durable; frost resistant; UV resistant