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BetterGrow Vermiculite

BetterGrow Vermiculite

BetterGrow Vermiculite is the ideal medium for improved plant and root health. The small, lightweight granules can be added to repotting mixes to help retain moisture, provide additional nutrients essential for plant well-being and can also be used to aide drainage.

Moisture Levels: Vermiculite absorbs and releases high levels of moisture when needed, meaning it is an excellent addition to the soil of houseplants that require consistent watering such as Boston Ferns and Peace Lillies.

Root Health: The small, lightweight granules aide drainage and also help to aerate the soil for stronger, healthier roots. Vermiculite can also retain excess water to help avoid problems such as root rot.

Pest Control: Vermiculite is a lightweight, non-toxic and sterile medium, meaning it can be instrumental in reducing and discouraging pests.

Plant Feeding: These granules will trap and release vital nutrients such as potassium, magnesium and calcium for improved plant health.