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Polyscias Fabian - Aralia Fabian

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SIZE: Pot Diameter x Total Height
Size Tip: Fits in a pot with a 25cm+ opening

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Polyscias are versatile, small, indoor, branching trees. They grow in an upright and compact manner, making them suitable even in smaller spaces. Their thick, woody trunks is their main appeal. The large, rounded leaves grow along the full length of the branches, creating a mass of green tranquillity for your home. They are often called Dinner Plate Aralia due to their round, flat leaf shape. Polyscias translates from the Greek as "many" and "shade", a reference to their abundant foliage.

Polyscias scutellaria Fabian has large, scalloped, dark green, glossy leaves that curve outwards slightly. They are deeply veined and tinged purple underneath.

Polyscias Fabian - Aralia Fabian Care & Info Guide

Horty Hints

Little and often! This plant prefers being slightly underwatered rather than being overwatered. Too much water will cause rapid leaf drop and root rot. Water when the top 2 inches of soil has dried out.

Prune to maintain shape and develop thicker trunks. Pinch out leaves to encourage branching.

Lower leaves can drop in the colder seasons. This is natural and has the added benefit of revealing more of the attractive trunk feature.